India at the Juncture of Change

unity1Well! India tasted the flavour of change 66 year ago when we got our independence. At that time the change was from the British Monarchy. Years passed, we progressed as we believe. Did we really progress?  After 66 years of independence still we are finding out what sort of progress we have done. Yes, of course we have progressed in every sector from education, scientific research to defence but on what ground.

Still now the issues that the common man is concern about are the basic needs food, shelter and clothes. If you ask a Panwala, what he understands by the meaning of GDP, he will say it’s something which is not related to him. If you ask a pensioner that how easily he gets his pension every month. He will laugh at you and say “easily! What rubbish you’re talking about”.  Even if you see a middle level executive he doesn’t know the government policies and laws which affect him.

This kind of unawareness leads to corruption, corruption at every level because public is unaware of its rights and knowhow of the system. The system is inadequate to make the flow of information to lowest level in a proper manner. Again there are some laws which are in effect from the days of British rule. British gone but the laws are still there. The situation and environment for which those laws were created are not the same today, but still we are coping and compromising with it.

Well we believe that we are largest democracy in the globe. Along with that we have to be the finest and strongest democracy. But how? In the present scenario, the conditions don’t make India the finest or strongest democracy. It needs a change and today the conditions are getting bad day by day and India stands at the juncture of change. There is a wave no not a wave, a tsunami which is just outside and if we don’t change then this tsunami has the potential to change everything. What this means? Nothing, Change is the need of the hour.

But how to change? We are from the land of Mahatma Gandhi; non violence is in our blood. Gandhi told us during our independence struggle that if you want to change the system the first thing you have to do is to change yourself and you will see that everything around you is changed. I heard these Lines in Hindi somewhere & yes tried and felt the change around me “Duniya ko jis rang se dekhoge duniya hame usi rang ki dikhai degi”. It means “ The way you see the world; the world will be like that”. The tendency of manipulating  things for their own benefits is the first thing people should understand to change because if this is not change then   how hard we try to change the system it will not change because the roots of all the changes lies inside our own consciousness.

We all are saying that “Come let’s Change India.”  Are we really ready for the change? Are we ready to change our self?  These questions should be asked to our self before changing India because after all we all are part of India. Anything we do affect the way India is seen

Lastly I leave it to you how you think India should Change

And I Rest my case…….

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Life V/s Job

I don’t know how many of you would agree with me in the way I look into life.  But am very sure that after reading this article, for once you ask yourself “Is that so?” Because I think as we live in this practical world and to understand the theory of life which in itself very complex, it would be better to go with some practical thing. Till now what I said and the title, am sure u had made a hunch that what am going to do? OK!

Basically, I believe Supernatural Science is responsible for everything that happens in the world and beyond the world i.e. Universe; more certainly speaking Outer Space. Now, Life is only between birth & death, inclusively. There is no connection with your past and future life, means whatever happens, happens in this life only; the life you’re living now. And your existence is due to the very same Supernatural Science. It means everything is under this Supernatural Science.

So, if you consider Supernatural Science as an entrepreneur everything i.e. the world and the outer space are a part of his firm. We all are his employees, who are employed in this earth, his production unit. We are inducted when we are born. And from the very first day we start are jobs, what job? Oh dear! Wait.

As a trainee we start to learn how to live our life (or how to do our job). Subsequently, we start our job (Life). Job can be done by following a positive or a negative path. Positive! Then ok, but if negative! Then you are in trouble because Supernatural Science, your boss knows what you are doing? You get punishment as some setbacks in your life. As in your job you get some tests, tasks or meet some difficult situations, some situation even worse that you think of leaving your job. Same happens here too. Life challenges you, makes you alone and even compel you to end it all. But if you overcome it, you proved yourself that you worth it, you get rewards in your life. And if you done some heinous things in your job (Life) you are fired! Before reaching your final destination “Death” (Retirement).                                                                                                                                                   In your Life with time you understand it more and gets more responsibilities and if am not wrong Eric Butterworth wrote “Don’t go through life, grow through life.” Again in job, some people just do their job; there is no growth in their career but there are others who have growth in career, same here.

But one question remains, what is Life or What is Job? The answer was quoted nearly a century ago by Nobel Laureate Rabindra Nath Tagore “I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.” I got it …. Huh!  Life (Job) is all about Joy.                                                                                            Getting Joy for different person would be different; as you see doing task we use different methods. Because Supernatural Science has gifted us with the most unique thing in the universe that is power of free thinking.

A question again & again striking me that does Supernatural Science control our acts or control our character?  I ask you! Is that so?                                                                                 OK! Look in your organisation does every act or your character is controlled by your entrepreneur? Definitely No!  So, how can Supernatural Science?  We are free, free to act.

Leaving you with lines of Sai Baba                                                                                          Life is a song – sing it.                                                                                                                               Life is a game – play it.                                                                                                                               Life is a challenge – meet it.                                                                                                                 Life is a dream – realize it.                                                                                                                          Life is a sacrifice – offer it.                                                                                                                          Life is love – enjoy it.”

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A War with Criticism

Criticisms are like nightmares. We feel like standing naked in the middle of a crowded market when they criticize us. They make us so vulnerable & leave us without an answer. In this article my point is how we should react to Unjust  Criticism ? People criticize you on your doing & also on your not doing. People pay more attention to your activities than of their own. They don’t bother about anything.

Eleanor Roosevelt, former First Lady of USA, once shared a tip about how to react to unjust criticism, which she received from her Aunt. It was like that “Never be bothered by what people say, as long as you know in your heart you are right.”  I think this tip was very realistic.

Let me tell you about myself, before being a Blogger I was a Lecturer, I was very sensitive & eager to know what my superior & my colleagues say or think about me & if it’s not good I use to patch it up with them one by one, but while doing that, others take it another way ! Then I found that more I tried to reduce criticism, I invited more critics in the play. So, finally I used that tip that was given to Eleanor Roosevelt and I said to me Don’t worry about people’s reaction on your activity, just believe in yourself & be yourself.” And I find that, it really works.

While discussing about unjust criticism with my father. He tell me about his experience with unjust criticism while working in Indian Railways. His colleagues & some superiors used to criticize his work. I asked what your reaction was; he told me “just a smile, because you know, you can’t argue with a person who is smiling. And that was my reaction to those unjust criticisms. And if you indulge yourself in the criticism argument, you can’t do any good to yourself rather decrease your credibility.”

A peculiar thing I found about those critics when I analyzed my way of dealing with those unjust criticisms during my lectureship was that, they were in some level feel insecure, want to be in the mainstream and have an acute inferiority complex syndrome. For Critics of unjust criticism Emmet Fox, a new thought spiritual leader said that “Criticism is an indirect form of self boasting.”

And our own Dale Carnegie said

“Any fool can criticise, condemn & complain.”

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The Question Why?

Time & Again we all come across some unknown questions whose answer we get, but don’t know why that answer. We just satisfy with that but don’t bother to ask Why?

Let’s share a small story with you all

        “ A person in a village, who was a  farmer.One day went to the crop shop & asked for fertilizer for his crops in the field.The shopkeeper gave him the fertilizer and asked for 50 bucks, but the real price was 30 bucks, but that time the farmer lost his thinking power & don’t bother to ask Why? He thought that in this period of inflation, rates are high. But when was returning to his village on the roadside he met his old friend from their neighboring village, he too brought the same fertilizer, but at 30 bucks. Now his thinking power returns & found that he was cheated.”

[The moral of the story is that don’t accept always what is presented to you. Ask Why?…  Why Not?]

Why? Today morning I thought to share with you, This! Because in my opinion the most difficult & the most important question is Why? It’s difficult to answer as well to ask. Now your question will be Why?  it’s difficult to ask. Asking is very easy, but we find it difficult to ask as we hesitate or we think… no not think! presume that the front person knows it well. The main reason behind this is inferiority complex. We perceive that others would think we are not so smart as they when we ask Why?

 Why? is the question when we don’t understand. Why? help us to understand & in my opinion Why? is the best & most effective tool with the human race, which enhances our intellectual thinking & learning capabilities. Because we learn till our death. So, Why? should be there till death. Once my professor said “We learn till the last breath.”

So , Just develop a tendency to ask Why?

 Now, I rest my case! That’s it ..


*Hope you all find it useful & please leave your comments. Your comment encourages me to write more & more with more effectiveness..*

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Who is your Role Model?

“Who is your role model?” I think is the most common question of all times. I was also quizzed about my role model in my school days. But, literally speaking at that time I didn’t know what’s the  purpose of having a role model.                                                                                                                                                     Why we need a role model ? To copy him!                                                                                      No, Not to copy then, why role model?

Some says he is my role model I want to be like him and starts imitating him. Like in 70’s people use to copy Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan by wearing Bell bottom pants & broad collar shirts and when asked why so? they say he is our role model. Is that a role model for? One says his role model is Mahatma Gandhi & so starts pretending like Mahatma Gandhi. Is that a role model for? No, Not that! It implies that you are inspired  by his way of struggling his own life, the values, the thinking. But you can’t be him/her, because you are unique, no one else can be you.

Now the picture is clear that why we need a role model. To learn how to face this vulnerable world, to be positive & to add values to our life, because                                           “Life is Value… your way of life depends on your value.” And not to imitate, not to copy. “There’s no one else who can do, the same way as you.” But the inspiration you get helps you to do the work in your way.

Finally I got the purpose of role model. I end up my blog with these lines                                   “Best Thing about you is you, so be yourself, but be inspired.”

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My Mom’s Creation

My mother today wrote these lines on woman Empowerment
I also feel that there should a balance between Man & Woman. I know its hard to achieve because our society is Male dominated but I believe in course of time we will achieve that balance.

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Mantra !

When you overcome Adversity, you get success !

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Just Think

Don’t worry about people reactions on your activity, just believe in yourself & be yourself !

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Life! A Game

Life is a game like what we play in our computers, game consoles, etc.

Some of you are thinking that I gone mad. Life is a reality whereas Game! An imagination, hypothetical world. How could he compare a game with life? Useless argument.

No, you are wrong am not comparing it in the way you think but rather in a different prospect.

Let’s show you!

Levels of a game could be compared with stages of our live. If you want to reach next level in a game you have to win the present just as in case of our lives, if you want to enjoy your job life you have to win your student life. Also as you go ahead in the game the difficulty increases with stage same as what happens in our life, difficulty increases with our age during the span of life. If you think that your teacher is strict don’t worry but just wait for your boss.
It would be better to share a bit of my life to show you why I called Life, a game. When I was in school, I got mumps just before my High school Exams. But I managed to get good grades & I thought that it was the toughest time which I met in my life. But I was wrong as because, there are tougher times were waiting to get me surprised. Just as what happens in a game where when we find it difficult in a stage we think that it’s the most difficult level in that game. But wait there are more surprises waiting for you in higher levels.

What makes our life more difficult as we move in our stages of life. There are many reasons which you can point out,  but the most important reason which I think you will  also agree with me is Responsibility. As I gone through my past to find it out how responsibility makes my life difficult. I found that when I was in my early age, I have the only responsibility to study, nothing else. But When I was in college I have responsibility towards my studies as well as finding a job. When I was in my job at that moment, have responsibility of that job & responsibility of my parents who struggled to give me a better life. Later when I would get married & have kids I would have responsibility towards my job, parents, spouse & my children as what my parents done to their best to make my life a better one. And there’s one more responsibility which I forgot to mention responsibility towards society & country. As to struggle with so much of responsibilities in different stages of life it surely becomes difficult as we go through our life. But also if a person understands his responsibility and accept that as a challenge then surely he will get a success in his game of life.

Just explore what we do in a game, we just try to win each level if not we retry. Ultimately our motive is to win the game. In life too, we want to win in each stage, we struggle in life to get success. Life too gives us chances to retry to get our goal in life.

Lastly I think these all aspects where I find Game similar to life force me to say                       “Life a Game!” What you think?

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It’s Fate !

We consider that humans are most intelligent species among all other species in the world. Humans are also known to be social animals, can use their brain to think, to choose, to take decision on their own, and considered to be an independent one. But I feel it contradictory when it comes to Fate, when they say it’s your fate. When you fail in your task you say it’s my fate & when you get success you say my choice was right. It sounds funny but its human psychology.

Basically, fate is that weapon we use when we start thinking negative. We blame our fate when circumstances don’t favour us, when we start to fear that we are going to fail when failure becomes perception. Then we start doubting our own choices that we made. Few days earlier I was reading a blog about Blame Game, which was about people who start blaming others when they don’t get their work to the mark as they wanted without analyzing their own mistakes. Here to it applies, when we find it difficult in life we just simply blames our fate rather analyzing our choices we made in past.

I agree that fate exists but fate doesn’t decide our lives, it’s we who make our lives. Just what I say Life is a predesigned space, we re-design it.”  I think fate is what related to your birth, family background, and body. These are those areas of your life where you can’t make choices & which you can’t alter. Other than these everything in your life is what you chosen. In simple words “Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice.”

There is a section of society which believes that our life is a gift of the Almighty, if life was all about fate, then answer me why we make our self involved in this competitive world, why we fight for our rights? I believe that Almighty (Nature) has gifted us with the most unique thing in the universe that is power of Free thinking.

Lastly, what you decide for your life is what you are, no one else can alter it. Again remember that

Life is a predesigned space, we re-design it.”


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